LG Shows Its Latest Innovation: The First Quad HD AH-IPS Panel For Smartphones

While the market is still busy integrating full HD panels on new devices, LG has unveiled the world’s first Quad HD AH-IPS Panel. This new innovation drastically improves on the current HD panels available in the market and boasts of being the highest resolution and PPI rated mobile display panel in the world.
LG Quad HD AH-IPS panel for mobile devices
This LG Quad HD AH-IPS panel features an impressive resolution of 2560x 1440, which assures you of crisp and clear pictures. The PPI rating of the panel is also mind blowing. The panel comes with a PPI rating of 538, which is the highest recorded PPI rating for a mobile panel up to date. Given that the panel features almost four times more pixels than traditional HD displays, you’ll be able to enjoy pictures with better contrasts and colors and videos near to BluRay quality. Moreover, now you won’t be at disadvantage while using the full desktop version mode on displays with this panel as the high resolution will prevent any kind of image distortion.

Whats even more impressive is that this panel is currently the world’s slimmest mobile panel. It is just 1.21mm thin which makes it 12% thinner than the exisitng HD panels in the market. Indeed, this mobile panel will revolutionize the global smartphone display market and it would be interesting to see future smartphones integrate this amazing Quad HD panel.

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