How to Remove Search Conduit Toolbar and Add-ons on Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox

Conduit is a company that is responsible for and toolbar. It is not a virus as some perceived it. However, products from this company such as toolbars and search engine may get installed on your computer if you visited a web site that is using the said products.

According to Conduit:

“Today, more than 260,000 publishers and 250 million end users in 120 countries are engaging with our tools. (People gasp when they hear these numbers, but that’s because we’ve spent our time accommodating our network rather than the media).”

Below, we provide simple procedure to remove search.conduit and Conduit Toolbar.

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. On top menu, select Tools. Choose Manage Add-ons from the drop-down list. See the image below for reference.
conduit tools
3. A new window to manage current add-ons will open. On Add-on Types pane, select Toolbars and Extensions. Look for “Conduit” items on right pane. You cannot delete the toolbar and extensions from this process. But you must disable it to stop working. You may jump to tips below to uninstall the Conduit Toolbar.

4. One at a time, select “Conduit” item and click on Disable button to stop the service.

How to Remove Conduit Search Provider on Internet Explorer:

1. On the same window, click on Search Providers on Add-on Types pane.
2. You cannot remove Conduit Web Search if it is on default stage. On right pane, select your desired search engine (Google or Bing) and set it as default. Hover your mouse on the desired service and click on Set as default button
conduit search
3. You can now highlight Conduit Web Search. Click on Remove button to delete the service.

Other Things:
1. Uninstall Conduit software by going to Control Panel. Click on Uninstall a program. Look for Toolbar or any phrase relevant to Conduit Search. Highlight the program and click the Uninstall button at the top of the screen.
2. Set Internet Explorer homepage to default by going to Tools menu. On General tab, click on Use default or replace the address with your desired home page URL. Click on Apply to save the settings.

How to Remove Conduit Search Provider on Mozilla Firefox:
1. Open Firefox
2. On the address bar, type – about:config in the URL. Press Enter.
3. You will be warned about Warranty. Click on “I’ll be careful…”
4. On the Filter dialog box type – search.conduit
5. It will display all related entries. Right-click on Preferences Name and Reset.

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