How to Prevent your Website from Web Attack, Spam and Content Theft protection

1. Keeping Software Up to Date
If you are running old versions of software chances are it’s insecure, make sure you upgrade to the latest release. Most updates to software are security or functionality related, which means if you aren’t running the latest version you are likely to have missed a few security fixes.

2. 3rd Party Scripts and Code
Be sure to research any code you want to use that you didn’t write yourself. Even a few Google searches should help you find out how secure the code you are using is.

3. Your Own Fault
One of the biggest causes of Identity theft and an easy way for someone to get details to your site(s). Your own computer is likely to be a weak link in the chain. No matter how secure your site is, if the machine you access it from (including logging in and editing etc.) is not secure you stand a good risk of being compromised and it may affect more than just your site.

Use virus scans, clear histories, secure your passwords and be aware of general security issues. Open and Public wifi spots are an obvious security risk. If you give everyone access to your PIN number for your bank account, expect to be robbed.

4. Secure Passwords
A secure password goes a long way to slowing down a potential infiltrator (real ‘hackers’ do not tend to be people that destroy sites, but ethically search for security holes in technology). Put simply passwords should always be a combination of letters and numbers, uppercase and lowercase. The longer the password, the better.

5. Checking Your Logs Regularly
Without watching who is visiting your site, what you are ranking for and similar you could be compromised and never even know it.

If you spot any unusual traffic (ranking for gambling, pharmaceuticals and sex terms is a common one) try working out where it is coming from / going to. From there if you are sure it is a hack you can get some quick help. (Send us a message, we’ll do what we can).

6. Outsource a Little Prevention
Using high quality software, a good coder (one who is security aware), hiring a professional security agency or using an automated method like the Firewall script or Hacker safe will help to reduce your risk. What you outsource depends on your needs (and resources of course).

7. Backup, Backup, Backup and Then Backup Some More
While this tip won’t protect you from being hacked, it will be very beneficial to you should it happen.

Send copies of your backup to your gmail, and auto forward them to your yahoo mail. Download copies to tape, your MP3 player or Iphone, it doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that in the case of a hack there will be a couple of things you want.
a. Records of IPs accessing your site.
b. A clean (pre hack) backup of your site (hopefully, including the latest updates)


8.Choose a reliable web hosting company. The best line of defense against a potential hack attack on your website is to make sure you have a reliable . At we take your security very seriously. We provide reliable hosting solutions and excellent customer service and do our best to help protect your websites from being hacked. All servers at BlueHost are highly protected using mod security and a customized PHP version that has been hardened against the most common exploits found in PHP. In addition, we offer hardware and software firewalls and the latest stable versions of server software like Apache and PHP. With Bluehost you can enjoy enhanced security and the highest level of protection for your website.

This is not an exhaustive list of the steps you can take to prevent your website from being hacked. And even though hacking will never stop, by following the above steps and taking precautions to secure your website, you can greatly decrease the risk of being hacked.

trackment web security guard

A final consideration is to sign up with a motoring and repair service like Trackment. Trackment is a website security guard which protects websites against different types of attacks. Trackment provide Web Attack, Spam, Content Theft protection for website owners. Trackment is a fantastic service that will alert you to any new compromises that have been detected on your web site, they will repair your web site, and then they will report to blocklists like google to inform them that the site has been repaired. The service price is reasonable, the value is terrific, and their tools work well. Even high technololgy sites like Mashable, TechCrunch have been reviewing Trackment and rated well.

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