Best Note Taking Apps for Android in 2013

There is no built-in note taking app in Android. But there are a lot of note taking apps in the Google Play Store. There are some premium, some freemium and some free apps which are very good for the purpose. Now, with the advent of smart phones old methods of using paper is no longer used. Apps like EverNote has really become popular note taking apps across different platforms.

Here, in this hub I am going to suggest you about the best quality Notes apps which will convert your Android phone or tablet into a true utility machine. Here goes the list with the gist of reviews.

EverNote – the King of the Note Taking Apps
EverNote is the most popular cross platform notebook app. EverNote has PC, Mac, Android, iOS and even Symbian versions. If you have an account with EverNote you can sync your notes across various platforms. You can have a great idea while going to office which you have jotted down in your Smart phones EverNote. Now, you can explore it fully via your Office PC.

You can attach video, audio and pdf files to your notes, which comes handy in need. This app needs a slightly longer learning curve to master than its brethren due to its features which are a lot many.

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 ColorNote App screen shot
ColorNote is much simpler and easier to use than the most popular EverNotes. You can use various colors to group your notes in this app. This app looks pretty due to the use of color codes. What I like most about this app is its simplicity. The font is also very readable. You can sync your email, Google or FaceBook accounts with ColorNote. You can store the notes in online cloud storage and can also take back ups.

The major drawback of this app is it is a pure notes app. You cannot attach videos or images with it.

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Catch Notes

 Catch Notes - colorful and simple.

Catch Notes – colorful and simple.

Catch Notes is also a very popular note taking app for android. You can save texts, photo and voice notes in it. The user can use # tags like twitter to categorize and search notes. I like this # tag thing and that is why Catch Notes is one of my favorites.

If you use the pro version then you can attach the office files and pdfs too. The pro version allows the users to upload up to 1GB each month. The premium version allows 5GB each month.

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AK Notepad

AK Notepad is another notes app which is nothing but another avatar of the Catch Notes app. It is simpler than Catch Notes. You can share notes via email or SMS. It also uses # tags.

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AK Notepad Video Review


MobisleNotes is very easy and intuitive to use. It is a no nonsense all business app. This app uses green and tan colors to produce some eye pleasing effects. There are two modes in the app – the note taking mode and the To-do list mode. There are also folder options. You can protect your notes via password. The notes can be synced across multiple devices and platforms.

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Note Everything

I like the icon of the Note Everything app. This app is very reliable and easy to use. The free version is striped of features which you can get after buying the pro Add-on version. In which you can take photo notes, make checklists. The pro version also has the option of automatic back up of your notes to SD card.

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 FreeNote - one of the best note taking apps for Android

FreeNote – one of the best note taking apps for Android

The slogan of the FreeNote app is “note everything”. This app has the support of both handwriting and keyboard typing. This hybrid model is this app’s tour de force. There are supports for text, paint, photo, voice and video. There are also calendar, ToDo lists and alarms built-in.

So, much function has gain praise from many users of this app. According to some this app is the best note taking app available. But this app has some little glitches here and there. There is a free and a paid version of FreeNote

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