Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android Smartphones

The topic on Android security and the choice of the best free antivirus for Android phones is one area which is never straightforward and one which elicits mixed feelings.The existence of the opposing schools of thought in the subject of android security leaves many Android users in a dilemma.
Best Free Antivirus for Android
But for a fact, the very huge rise in the popularity of the android mobile devices has seen a concurrent rise in the number of security threats identified on the android platform. The threats can be anything from ID threat, phishing and even malware. Following the continued development of malware for the android platform, security apps have launched and help to deal with these pertinent threats to android users.

Antivirus for Android Is a Requirement

The very idea of paying up to 40 bucks for an android security app or antivirus does not sink well with many users of the android phones. There exists a wide variety of some of the best free antivirus for android which will as well meet the need to secure an android smartphone. There is no better place to find these free antivirus apps for android that on GooglePlay. They offer complete security and add to it the anti-theft technologies.

Best Free Antivirus for Android

To find the best free antivirus for android, there are aspects which must be looked at so that the best security app can be identified and used secure the android phone. First and foremost, the anti-malware engine should be in a position to discover, clean and delete any malicious scripts and apps. A privacy advisor is necessary and ensures good security and privacy from installed apps to the android user.

The best free antivirus for android should have extra protection and these are capabilities like the anti-spam, web protection and application protection against unwanted programs. Extra protection may come alongside extra tools which are the App blocking, backup and restore for contact on the device and the tool to allow SMS and call filtering. Lastly check if this best free antivirus for android app has anti-theft capabilities as well as it is easy on the system resources.

Avast! Mobile Security

Best Free Antivirus for Android

This happens to be the best free antivirus for android and has been shown to satisfy the criteria and is regarded highly. It has all the features and tools required to guarantee security for the device. it will scan the phone and apps in it and alert for infected apps and it will also ensure web protection by blocking infected URLs. If the mobile device is rooted, the firewall can be installed and used to network traffic. Wi-Fi can be blocked or the network blocked for particular apps and this improves security. the anti-theft tool allows that the phone is wiped clean in the situation it is stolen or lost.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

Best Free Antivirus for Android

Lookout is perhaps the most popular and most used best free antivirus for android having been among the earliest entry into the android security field. It is absolutely free and combines features and tools such as an antivirus, real time protection, anti-theft functionality through an alarm and tracking the phone on the lookout website. It has given a high detection rate for malware.

Zoner AntiVirus

Best Free Antivirus for Android

Zoner Antivirus is a good performer based on the above listed criteria in finding the best free antivirus for android. A security suite that automatically scans the device for viruses upon installation and from there offers real time protection mode. Has god anti-theft capabilities and has the stand out feature of sending password encrypted messages. It will lack the privacy adviser and the secure wipe but still work well and remains helpful.
Other Best Free Antivirus for Android

Special mentions go to the Dr. Web Anti-virus Light, AVG Anti-Virus Free, NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus and Norton Antivirus & Security in the best free antivirus for android category. An outright winner may be very difficult to pin point but even then the number one recommendation would be the Avast Mobile Security in the best free antivirus for android app category. To conclude the best free antivirus for android can be gotten easily on the Google play website and without the risk of installing a rogue app.

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