$74 MK802 Mini PC Supports Android 4.0 and Linux

Here comes a tiny PC, the MK802 – a USB-sized device, which runs both Android 4.0 and Linux, and has been priced at $74. A Chinese company by the name of Rikomagic has begun shipping this $74 micro PC, which is said to have similar form factor as the recently released Raspberry Pi. The device features a 1.5GHz AllWinner A10 Cortex A8 ARM processor, 512MB of DDR3 high-capacity memory and WiFi connectivity.
MK802 Mini Android 4.0 PC
Powered by a MALI400 graphics processing unit, the device has 4GB Flash storage, a microSD slot, and two USB ports – one full-sized and one micro, as reported by PC World

The video output is via 1080p HDMI. But an HDMI cable needs to be added separately. Also, it is said that users can tap either an Android virtual keyboard or add a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Reportedly, users will have to rely on third party sources for apps as Google’s Play store is not included.

Moreover, the best thing is that users can run Ubuntu, Debian, or another Linux distribution of their choice via microSD card.

This micro PC is more expensive than the $35 Raspberry Pi, but on the other hand it is also cheaper than the $199 Cotton Candy.

Source: Liliputing : CNX Software

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